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A letter to Rinku Sawhney.......- Rtr. Saniya Bhurke

Dear Rinku Sawhney,

Hello! I’ve heard your story because of this good platform called ‘Josh Talks’. Your story has truly inspired me to do well in life. Your struggle, your zeal for doing well in the future, and a strong love for yourself have driven me to become like you. A strong woman like you is always a good example for every other woman in the world.

I remember you had begun your story by saying that you were always neglected just because you were a ‘girl-child’ and your father curled his mustache down when you were born. But your passion for proving yourself was remarkable. I could still remember you told us that a favorite student of your teacher slapped you just because you hadn’t fared well in a particular subject. But I am really impressed by the way you proved yourself by scoring highest in the same subject and securing admission in one of the most prestigious colleges in India.

Working in a highly ranked corporate job at a reputed position is always a dream come true for every other engineering aspirant in India and you have achieved it in style. Your life is an inspiration for many not only because you proved yourself by working hard on yourself and achieving all your dreams, but also because of following your heart and doing what you like.

Your words are an inspiration for many girls who want to achieve more but face rejection just for being a girl. I could still remember you said you weren’t happy even after achieving so much in your life and you wanted to do something else. But I liked the way you followed your heart and went on motivating more people to do well in life!

You will always be an inspiration for girls like me who want to achieve well in life. Thankyou Rinku Sawhney for inspiring young minds like me through platforms like Josh Talks. I wish you all the best for your bright future!


Rtr. Saniya Bhurke


Rotaract Club of TCET

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