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A love letter to my mom -Rtr. Raj Bhosale

Dear Mom,

Every day I force myself to wake up, do a proper breakfast, and sincerely sit through the boring online college lectures in this lockdown period, when I could have just slept through it all, ignoring my responsibility. Well…. Even when I think of this as I write it I feel the indecency in it. This and many other life lessons have been imbibed in me and I would like to thank you for shaping me and making me the person I am. Mom, you are my Role Model.

Growing up through these years, I have seen you struggle so hard for the family. As a working mother, raising two children must be tough but you are so awesome, that you made it look easy. Being with you through that journey I have witnessed all the difficulties, those apocalyptic situations, family troubles that we went through, and how you faced them that taught me determination.

You have such a caring personality. The way you bring all the members of the family together in face of complications and then just blend in the background when we celebrate happiness. I always admired the amount of affection you have for us. This taught me selflessness.

But it’s not just us that you are selfless for, is it? The stories of the helpless patients that find a ray of hope when you are always there to help even outside working hours inspire me to great measures and make me so proud. The exact definition of a nurse! This taught me humanity and dedication.

The point is, I can go on and on about all the qualities you have taught me. All the life lessons, those mistakes I should overcome, those achievements I should hold close to my heart. Watching you ace through this life teaches me the importance of hope more effectively than the mind-numbing integral equation being taught by any online lecture. I would try my best to walk the path of life keeping in mind all the knowledge you gave me. One day I hope I make you proud. I love you.

Thank you so much for being awesome and amazing. You are my Role model.

Your loving Son

Raj Bhosale


Rtr. Raj Bhosale


Rotaract Club of TCET

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