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A child is a future of the nation. Good seeds we sow today will yield superior results tomorrow. Let’s look forward to eradicating various education problems of underprivileged child and brings a revolution in the Era of Children’s Education & Welfare. Education for underprivileged children.

The members of Rotaract Club of TCET’s came up with Abhinav Project to teach school-level kids basic maths and general knowledge for a month. Abhinav was a month-long Shiksha initiative by the Shiksha team of RCTCET. For this activity RCTCET collaborated with Snehasadan Asharam.

The commencement of this activity took place from 29th August 2021. There was a total of 4 sessions in the month of September conducted with the students living in Snehasadan ashram on the Zoom platform. The students were divided into two batches, one from class 1 to 5 and the other from class 5 to 10, consisting of 5 students in each group. Two instructors and one moderator were allotted for each group. G.K. was taught to students of classes 1 to 5 and Vedic Maths was taught to students in classes 6 and above. Along with the studies, some fun activities were also done with those students, so that they don't feel bored and also enjoy these sessions.

The last and final session of Abhinav was conducted on 26th September 2021. Many times students are not able to understand a few topics or are not able to clear a few concepts in their school and due to financial issues, joining extra tuition is also not feasible for a few of them. This makes them weak in their initial stage, to avoid these consequences, Project Abhinav was planned. Proper knowledge of Maths and General Knowledge was given to all those students of Snehasadan from the volunteers of RCTCET. Students cleared out all their doubts and also learned easy ways to memorize difficult formulae of Maths. They experienced a very good session of studies along with fun and gaming activities. All the students enjoyed these sessions a lot. They made a very good bond with all the RCTCET volunteers. They all were eagerly waiting every Sunday for the sessions to get started. Whatever Assignment or task was given to them by the Instructors, they use to do it obediently and also ask doubts regarding it in the very next session.

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