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Apology letter to mother nature-Rtr. Sagar Bank

Dear mother nature,

Hello Mumma, I hope you are doing well. Last time when I received your letter I came to know that you were facing a suffocation problem, so now is it okay? Also, you mentioned about the overflow of the water is it resolved now?

I know mom from what you are suffering will not be understood by any of your children, nor you asked anyone to do so, Why mom???? We as a human, we never understood the importance of what we have but when we realize, the time had already passed away. Even when your health started to become unstable we humans were having only reason to heal you is to save ourselves, why mom, we humans are so selfish? Just for our luxury, we had killed many of your priceless species and more to come in the future, Being a human I feel sorry for you mom. When I keep myself to your place I can feel every pain which you bear every day, I can feel when they cut your finger like tress you cry, I can feel your suffocation when the industries mix poison to your air, I can feel the drops of your tears as rain, but Mumma you gave us your message in every single way possible every year, but we human always ignored your message. I am sorry Mumma for every pain you bear, for every drop of your tear, for every day you bled as lava, I am sorry mom, hope you will forgive us...

Thanks, mom for giving us life and livelihood, hope every human will understand their mistake and will give you relief from all your pains.


Rtr. Sagar Bank


Rotaract Club of TCET

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