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Apology Letter to Mother Nature- Rtr. Hinal Kuvadiya

Good Greetings Mother Nature,

Our beloved and dearest of all Mother Earth, Human's only support to live… I deeply apologize to you from us all, for the way we treat you. Despite you knowing and aware of our vicious behaviors and acts you only kept on giving us. You gave the beauty of yours, the soothing and re-healing side of yours gave us a sense of satisfaction and protection. We really don’t deserve your precious gift; be it every star in the sky that guides us through the dark or the sunrise giving new hope, a new day to start good, or every tree bearing beautiful flowers and fruits giving shadow during scorching days. We truly don’t deserve this blessing of yours as we don’t value it.

I believe there was ought to us facing this pandemic as the levels of mankind has surpassed its limits in the forms of deforestation, poaching of protected wildlife, species; using resources to end thus leading to wildlife threats and even the quality of air, water, and soil - the basic needs degrading! Human interactions have changed nature to a global scale and despite knowing that nature’s capacity is plummeting no actions or reforms are implemented. Now, this has come to us at a cost. Cost of Lives; as this pandemic is making humans think and realize that they are an actual virus to the planet and corona is a vaccine to nature’s problem.

As we look, Mother nature you are still giving us everything as it is nature’s i.e your love we seek during our tough times and we know you’re just protecting your other children (animals, the Biodiversity ) from the toxic activities of mankind. During this pandemic lockdown, we see mother you are healing upon to so many things, and to keep this continuing we promise to the ground that we stand up on that we will be more loving, caring and compassionate to every part of You, to this universe that we have for all of its life and love.

Mother, I thank you for doing everything and for this marvelous beauty creation for us.

With Love & Affection

From Your Child


Rtr. Hinal Kuvadiya


Rotaract Club of TCET

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