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“Childhood memories are the sweetest memories of the past.”

Indeed one of the most golden times of human life is childhood. In order to revive these memories, a Treasure Hunt activity with the theme of childhood was conducted by the club’s Club Service Avenue.

Teams of seven members each were formed for the game. The members were given exciting and brainstorming questions along with some divine help of hints to make them help find the answers of the Treasure Hunt. A drive containing pdfs of all the questions was shared with the participants. Each pdf was locked, and its password was the answer to the previous question.

Participants were given 2 hours duration for discussing and solving 15 questions and submitting their final responses through a google form provided to them. The team to successfully attempt all fifteen questions in the least time was chosen as the winner of the Treasure Hunt. The winners of the treasure hunt were announced on the club's official instagram handle.

The session turned out to be very fun and interactive. The members were able to get to know each other with this small interactive activity and also helped in generating the skills required to work as a team such as teamwork and coordination. Overall, the event was loved by the members and the OC equally.

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