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Think about the last time you experienced a random act of kindness. It probably puts a smile on your face. While we are busy filling our cup, we overlook a very deserving group who would appreciate a kind gesture.

But the Rotaract Club of TCET never fails to grab the opportunity to bestow our service. On the occasion of World Humanitarian Day, the International Service Avenue of our club in collaboration with 10 other clubs of our RI districts underwent a project named “Being Human”.

In this activity, participants expressed their gratitude to the residents of an old age home by submitting them handwritten letters. The Rotaractors then visited Radhika Old Age Home on 28th August 2021 to make a small difference and provide compassion by bonding with the senior citizens. The participants who wrote letters recited their work to the residents of the old age home which uplift their spirits by radiating positive energy. Further, the attendees also had lunch with the residents which was followed by a karaoke session, where the elderly people blissfully expressed themselves by dancing and singing together.

The elderly people also spent quality time with our club’s volunteers by sharing their experiences and anecdotes which taught us about adversity, endurance and learning how to handle life’s changes.Their happiness and confident vibes made this event successful and it created an impact on our volunteers too, as they realized the importance of elderly people in our lives.

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