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Chess is an art which expresses the science of logic With a view of encouraging people to learn chess and promote their intellectual development, the Rotaract Club of TCET organised an event ‘Chess Charades’ on the occasion of the International Chess Day. This event was conducted under International Service and Club Service Avenues. This was a fun mix of Chess with Dumb Charades and the participants had a blast playing the game! The event was conducted in teams of three competing against each other to get to the final round. Each team consisted of a Mind, a Decoder and a Player. The Mind enacted the move without mouthing/speaking, the Decoder was responsible for decoding the enacted move and conveying it to the Player who would make the move on the virtual chess board. All this was to be done within a minute. Such a rush! The first day for Chess Charades was 20th of July and the semifinals and finals were conducted on 22nd of July. The event began with Rtr. Nipesh Dubey giving the brief of the event and the participants going into their respective breakout room. Then the individual matches started and by the end of the day, the winning teams who would be promoted to the next round were declared. On the 22nd of July, semifinals followed by finals were played. The winners were given a shoutout on the club’s official page. The feedback received by the participants was positive and many members created a special bond within themselves and also enjoyed the event. Like somebody rightly said: “Chess is not always about winning…sometimes it’s simply about learning and so is life!”

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