Dear Diana - Rtr. Smriti Singh

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

Dear Diana, the Demigoddess

You showed us that even with King of Gods, Zeus as your father And the Queen of Amazon's, Hippolyta, as your mother

You kept yourself grounded and never treat another living creature as lesser I think this is something we all should take as a lesson.

Dear Diana, Princess of Themyscira,

You have been through shit over the various ages of comic books but

Damn you fought through it all

You did take quite a few falls

But you showed us, how to stand up and fight

Even when it gets difficult to see the light.

Dear Diana, user of the Lasso of Truth,

Reading the rebirth comics while you search for your truth

While superman was being goodie two shoes and batman the usual sleuth

You reminded me how important it is to find yourself

And then to live your truth.

Dear Diana, a bisexual woman

You've Loved Maya, another Amazonian warrior

But you did not let love stop you from getting on the invisible jet with Steve just so you can see the world outside Themyscira

You taught me to not let love hold you back

Or to let it be the thing due to which you lose your track

Love is love but it is not the only thing in life.

Dear Diana, our wonder woman

You fly so high, proudly display your might

Yet you stand your ground and help those who can't

You've been my idol ever since I can remember

Your comics are the ones I treasure

The Wonder Woman, the lady who can do it all

Yet have a vulnerable side she shows only only to the ones she loves.

Dear Diana, my love

You've been my inspiration from Day 1

You helped me out when my mind was undone

You are not just a character for me and so many others

You have made me feel like a sister with different mothers.


Rtr. Smriti Singh


Rotaract Club of TCET

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