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“Cleanliness is next to godliness.”

Flashmob was an awareness spreading activity held at the Andheri railway station on the auspicious occasion of Gandhi Jayanti on 2nd October 2021. This activity was an initiative taken by the community service avenue, by the directors namely, Rtr. Allan Fernandes and Rtr. Eashan Bhale with the core intention to spread awareness towards cleanliness.

This awareness was portrayed by means of two group dances by the core members and the bod’s of the club for which they underwent tremendous amounts of practice a week prior to the actual date of performance. Ample of practice sessions were held for the performers who also volunteered for this activity.

The 1st dance was performed at 9:00 am and the latter was performed at 10:30 am, gaining a lot of attention from the crowd.

Post the performances the honourable president of our club Rtr. Kunal Miskin addressed the viewers. He shed light on the consciousness and significance of cleanliness and hygiene. And then the railway police officers were also given the opportunity to speak their point of view on cleanliness. The officers highly praised this initiative taken by our club and expressed gratitude towards the directors for such an appreciable step.

The dances were captured and later on posted on the youtube channel of the club which received amazing views crossing 400+ mark. The performers grabbed the attention of More than 70+ spectators who took out time to watch the performance till the end at the venue. Audience instantly realized the importance of cleanliness which the performers delivered through their dance. The feedback received from everyone was highly positive, encouraging and also constructive to look forward to more such activities.

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