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Har Chheenk Corona Nahi Hoti

  • RC-TCET decided to create an awareness campaign on this crucial issue by the means of Instagram.

  • The Virus is rapidly evolving and one never knows what the actual symptom of corona can be. Therefore every fever, every cough, every cold seriously for your own good.

  • The people around us have literally forgotten about the masks. Whenever we look around, there are only a few people responsible enough to wear a mask.

  • The event was divided into 5 phases, each phase covering every aspect to provide knowledge to bust myths and battle COVID-19.

  1. Event 1: To educate people on whether they should get tested for COVID-19.

  2. Event 2: A bingo for people to show how they spent their quarantine.

  3. Event 3: Decorating a digital mask.

  4. Event 4: Challenge Video for making people aware to wear a mask.

  5. Event 5: A video that gives insight into COVID-19.


CONDUCTED ON:25-11-20 TO 13-12-20

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