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I am sorry mother nature- Rtr. Shravni Dighole

To mother nature,

You must be surprised that someone wrote a letter to you. Astonished maybe? That we, humans, still remember you. Because our actions certainly depict that we don’t care anymore about you, Mother. We as a human race have failed to live up to our basic duty of taking care of our Mother. And for that, I am guilt-ridden and disheartened remorsefully.

Blatant exploitation of the air, water, land over these years have congested your lungs. Your mesmerizing creations have been vandalized by excessive toxic gases. Wastes generated by us and lack of managing it has been a blemish to your beauty. Untreated effluents have left millions of fishes crying and deforestation led to trees try surviving. We materialistic, greed-driven humans have continued this outrageous abuse over decades and yet, yet you perpetuate to bestow us with our needs.

School taught us that ‘The world has enough for every man’s need but not for every man’s greed’. I remember participating in those plantation drives and trash cleaning activities and feeling as if I saved you! I think its high time now. Its high time that we realize and repent. That we work collectively towards healing your seething breaths, Mother. It’s the need of the hour now that we stop our mad rush for material possessions and recover the unimaginable damage done.

“A meaningful apology is one that communicates three R’s: regret, responsibility, and remedy.”


Your regretful daughter


Rtr. Shravni Dighole


Rotaract Club of TCET

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