“JUST FRIENDS” - Rtr. Para Saraiya

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

I was the young age of three,

and oh, so very small.

I knew almost nothing,

nothing at all.

That memorable day sitting together in school,

Who would imagine that it'd be the start?

The start of something that would last forever,

A friendship bond? No, something full of heart!

It's been eighteen years now,

and our friendship's still strong.

I can hardly believe

we've been best friends this long.

I don’t know how,

we parted across,

I don’t know why,

our paths again cross.

Every time I see you,

It brightens up my day.

I wish I could tell you,

But I have no words to say.

I want to tell you

exactly how I feel

and that my feelings

are completely real.

Thinking of you made me feel so blue,

for you love her, and I'm in love with you.

It's just a kinda liking, that's what I say,

but it's making a big hole when I see you every day,

for when I follow your addictive stare, it leads to her,

and I feel like tears are going to make my vision blur.

I hide this feeling

only because I know

you don't feel the same

and I can't let you go.

You're just a fantasy,

and you'll never love me in reality.

I know that someday you're just going to be a memory

that I will remember when I'm lonely.

But someday is not yet today.

It still is far, far away,

but I wish you'll notice anyway

that my heart is breaking,

and even though I'm smiling,

just look in my eyes,

and you'll see that I'm dying.

I don't tell you this

for many reasons

but mainly because

my friendship with you

is too important

to ruin by three words.

I love you!


Rtr. Para Saraiya


Rotaract Club of TCET

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