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Known Strangers ~ Rtr. Anuja Somthankar

It’s gotten to the purpose where she won’t speak to me

Already once I’ve tried only to be ignored

And I have decided i actually won’t try again

It’s gotten to the purpose where I don’t want to ascertain her

Not how I even have no interest in hanging out

The point that I don't want to be round her

And yet there's not ill will

I bear none, I detect none

I want none, but I don’t realize her

She doesn’t care about me in the least

And I really can’t say I look after her

What are we then

Not friends or enemies or strangers

Or are we strangers again

Can we be strangers again

After all this point , purely nothing

Not a thing to every other

I think I’d like that

Or maybe I’d hate it

Maybe both, I don’t know

But I do understand

That something we worked so hard to create

Shows no sign of itself nowadays

So it appears we are strangers again

Well, I suppose there’s a bittersweet tinge

To knowing it and feeling it

I wish I could see with new eyes

I wish I could remember what it seemed like

I wish I could find out what it's they see

When they check out me and find nothing

Because now it seems we are just strangers,

Complete strangers once we travel by one another ,

Complete strangers when a lover needs another friend,

Complete strangers now for better or for worse.


Rtr. Anuja Somthankar

HRD Officer

Rotaract Club of TCET

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