Movie That Made Me Cry - Rtr. Deep Doshi

Why do you think creators create an emotional/sad movie? I guess its being made so that we can feel the emotions-pain, sadness. I believe, not everyone is happy and joyful all the time. There is always a time in one’s life having darker side. Here, I will be talking about a movie which is full of emotions and very close to my heart-“THE SKY IS PINK”. It is based on true story of girl who suffered from pulmonary fibrosis and some immunodeficiency(SCID). Just imagine a human being who knows she is going to die in few months, decides to become a motivational speaker! What a paradox, isn’t it?

I am talking about Aisha Chaudhary who died at an age of 18 years which is usually best time in today’s generation. She was also a speaker at TEDxPune and INK conferences. Her book,”MY LITTLE EPIPHANIES” describes her state of mind as her destiny played itself out. The book was published just a day before her death.

The movie describes how Aisha’s dad, mom and brother took care of her with outermost love and care. She was very close to her brother (Ishan).They had perfect sibling touch. The movie shows Aisha’s bonding to her parents who were like friends to her. Aisha tells love story of her parents over period of 25 years, how they deal with their daughters’ illness and maintain their marriage.

Priyanka Chopra, Farhan Akhtar, Zaira Wasim and Rohit Saraf are the best fits for the role. They made an exceptional performance which seemed so natural and emotional. I am overwhelmed the way Aisha handled her situation which was not a cake walk because fighting death one side and thinking not only for yourself but also for your family. A family who has habit of feeling your presence from past 18 years will soon come to an end. How will they accept that she is no more?. YES! That’s what we should learn from AISHA. The movie taught that don’t crib, criticize, argue for small things. Value it while you have! We get to live only once, why not make it worth remembering?


Rtr. Deep Doshi


Rotaract Club of TCET

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