My role model is the biggest film star in the world: “Shah Rukh Khan”, yes you read it right “SRK” is the biggest film star in the world, an Indian film actor born on 2nd November 1965, in Delhi, India, to a businessman father and a homemaker mother. Shah Rukh Khan first graced the silver screen 28 years ago with the film “Deewana (1992)” but even today the actor continues to rule Bollywood. He is touted as the “King of Bollywood”, “Baadshah” and “King Khan” over the years and for a good reason. Though his name is Shahrukh, he prefers to write it as Shah Rukh. He is a notable alumnus of “National School of Drama” (NSD), Delhi, India where he learned acting under the guidance of Sir Barry John.

According to Google and Forbes, he is the biggest film star in the world in terms of box office records, winning various awards & accolades, global fan following, and net worth of $700 million USD. His grandeur charm and charisma has fascinated the audience across the globe. SRK’s house “Mannat-Land’s End” is listed in the top 10 most expensive houses in India.

Initially, in the late 80’s he acted in theatre plays then transited to television serials and eventually made it to the silver screen. Finally, he made his Bollywood debut with the movie “Deewana” in 1992 starring the then big names of the industry Late Honourable Rishi Kapoor and Late Honourable Divya Bharati. When the audience stepped out of the cineplex everyone was wondering who’s this guy although whose character is introduced in the film after the interval but still left a mark even in the screen presence of superstar Late Rishi Kapoor. “Deewana” became 2nd highest-grossing film of the year 1992.

The year 1993 proved to be a game-changer in his Bollywood career as he portrayed villainous roles in two blockbuster films, Late Honourable Yash Chopra’s “Darr”, where he essayed a character of an obsessed lover called “Rahul” and “Ajay Sharma/Vicky Malhotra in “Baazigar helmed by the stylish director-duo “Abbas-Mustan”. Not only did he set a new trend of an anti-hero in the Hindi film industry but raised his stardom. Surprisingly for both the roles, he wasn’t the 1st choice of the makers, several actors had denied these roles because they thought it would malign their heroic reputation. Aamir Khan opted out from “Darr” after filming a few portions of the film. Yash Chopra and his elder son Aditya Chopra signed Shah Rukh out of no choice. On the 1st day of the shoot itself after taking a glance at Shah Rukh giving his 1st shot, Aditya Chopra lost the regret of losing Aamir Khan and after the release of the film, everyone admitted that this kind of negative role was particularly meant for SRK and no one else could have done justice to the role like the way he did. Similarly, Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar, Anil Kapoor refused the grey shade lead role of Ajay Sharma in “Baazigar” which again SRK portrayed in a splendid manner.

In 1995 the biggest blockbuster film of his career released i.e. “Dilwale Dulhania Le Jayenge (DDLJ)” which is considered to be his breakthrough role in the romance genre which changed his anti-hero image. Since then the “Yash Raj Films (YRF) has collaborated with him for 9 films, most of which were directed by the Late Yash Chopra and all attained “Blockbuster” verdict from the box office India as well as from the overseas market. SRK-Yash Chopra is categorized under the best “actor-director” pair entertainers. After the release & huge success of DDLJ in 1995, a stack-up of romantic genre films was generated by “YRF”, all starring SRK in the lead until the demise of Honourable Yash Chopra in 2012.

SRK climbed the success ladder of Bollywood without any godfather in the industry. In 2011 he was honored with the “UNESCO Pyramide con Marni” award for his charity engagements and social commitment towards providing education for kids. Shah Rukh Khan is the first Indian to win this accolade and innumerable other awards as well internationally.

Actors have come and gone but the kind of excitement SRK incites amongst his fans is unlike any other.His rags to riches journey is truly an inspiration to all those middle-class kids who dare to dream.


Rtr. Faheem Bagwan


Rotaract Club of TCET

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