“The sea cures all ailments of man.”


One of the most exciting events for Rotaractors are OKTOBERFEST events, where the district assigns a particular event to the club along with other collaborating clubs. There is always huge and enthusiastic participation and it gives a chance to rotaractors from various clubs to interact with each other and form unforgettable bonds with a side of sweet memories.

To bring the members together, to engage them with other members, Rotaract Club of TCET along with Rotaract Club of Khandwala, Rotaract Club of Mumbai Kandivali West, and Rotaract Club of AGBS hosted this event named ‘Beach Games’ under the OKTOBERFEST on 24th October 2021 at Aksa beach. President of RCTCET, Rtr. Kunal Miskin called this event to order. On this day, the ZRR’s of Zone 2B, Rtr. Prince Pandey and Rtr. Richa Bhavsar were present too.

The members along with the other officials present there played Cricket, Frisbee and Dodgeball. The members went to play the game they wanted. Each game was monitored by one of the OC members. The general rules were discussed by Rtr. Nipesh Dubey and Rtr. Nishank Shetty. Rtr. Nipesh Dubey, Rtr. Prince Pandey administered Frisbee and Cricket respectively.

All the games were played in a very friendly manner. People enjoyed themselves and made new connections. The members enjoyed some fruitful workouts. The aim of the event was achieved by the end and the event was a grand success!

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