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“Every dog must have his day." So we ROTARACTORS OF RCTCET decided to help those innocent helpless creatures by conducting ‘PAWS FOR THE CAUSE’ drive. In this drive, the members cleaned , feeded food & collared the stray animals in their respective localities . The cleaning event was held on 4th September 2021, in collaboration with Cheersfurever NGO. All the volunteers of RCTCET and the NGO reached the venue at 2PM. The medical team provided treatment to the dogs who were ill or injured .Maintaining cleanliness is the essential part of healthy living for anyone not only for humans but also for these animals who cannot express their feelings in words . These dogs were rescued from the illnesses which could have been caused to them due to unhealthy and dirty surroundings.

In the feeding program, our Community Service Directors gave all the interested members a week-long program of feeding the stray pets near their vicinity. The DO’S and DON'TS with respect to this drive were provided to the volunteering members & the event was held between 6th to 12th September 2021. The volunteers were also asked to take photographs so that their service could be properly documented. Thus, this event invoked love for animals among our members, and they thoroughly enjoyed it!

Collaring was another exciting event that was part of the ‘Paws for the Cause’ Drive. It was held on 10th of October, near Liberty Garden, Malad West. Volunteers collared 37 dogs with reflective collars for their safety from vehicles at night and also for their identification. Thus, we had a great time being in service of these Paw-some Best Friends of Humans!!

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