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Photoshop is an art and you can do a lot with it… Change the atmosphere through different lighting and make the picture look more interesting.

Nowadays, life revolves around social media posts and everyone wants the perfect picture up on their profile. What better way to do that than use Adobe Photoshop to make your picture aesthetically pleasing? With the view of encouraging people to learn and operate Adobe Photoshop, the Rotaract Club of TCET organized a webinar that gave knowledge of Adobe Photoshop.

The event was conducted on 31st July 2021. Rtr. Kunal Miskin, the President of Rotaract Club of TCET, called the meeting to order. Rtr. Malcolm Cardoza, the host for the event, greeted the speaker, Rtr. Kanishk Dokwal sir.

The speaker started the event by giving the basic introduction of the software and also various hacks to learn it. He also cleared all the doubts of all the club members. There were quite a few interesting fun tasks that Rtr. Kanishk gave the attendees in order for them to understand the working of the software better. The event was a grand success with over 100 participants.

Finally, Rtr. Janhavi Mishra, the vice president of the club thanked the honourable speaker and the workshop was completed successfully and the meeting was adjourned by the president.

This webinar rightly proved the quote: "The only skill that is important in the 21st century is the skill of learning new skills because everything will become obsolete over time".

Thus, this webinar not only taught people to operate Adobe Photoshop, but also the skill of learning new skills. The feedback received was extremely positive and the workshop ended on a happy note.

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