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“Everyone has an idea, but it’s really about executing the idea and attracting other people to help you with the idea.” -Jack Dorsey.

This quote is relatable to any budding entrepreneurs or anyone involved in the marketing can co-relate. Adhering to today's demand of being perfect in pitching, RCTCET arranged an amazing session with Dr. Priyank himself owns a company and is well aware about the topic.

The event preparation started with finding a suitable speaker who is good at oratory skills and an influential personality to encourage our members. The event was held on 9th of october at 6 PM. Pitching is crucial for any business to grow. Any business can be the horse of a long race if they have that perfect investor with them. This is basically gaining the trust of your investors by giving them the assurity of reduced risk. Always going with enthusiasm and a clear idea and an idea which you truly believe can work makes your work easier and gives advantages to your business.

Pitch Perfect had the perfect host for the event, Rtr. Muskan Sinha. She introduced our speaker and offered him the stage. He started his session by greeting all the audience and went ahead on sharing details about the importance of pitching in marketing. Furthermore everyone was introduced and explained about Elevator's pitch and How to make one myself to all the attendees. Speaker also shared information about his organization Sampoorna which was also an inspiration for everyone to know. Pitching is crucial for business growth and success, especially in marketing and advertising. Thus, this workshop proved to be very fruitful for all attendees. This small initiative by RCTCET surely helped and ignited a spark among the attendees to be entrepreneurs.

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