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“Some beings just fill your heart without trying.”

On 22thAugust, 2021 RCTCET had conducted a Rotary Academy session in collaboration with the Rotaract club of ABACL. The topic of the session was a very interesting and unique one: Learn communicating with animals.

The session was truly eye-opening and had a great impact on the participants in the session. The concept of telepathically communicating with animals was simplified and the logic and reason behind the same was discussed. All we have to do is connect from the heart and mind and listen and dive into the innate language of all species.

Mrs. Akshaya Kawle, who was the speaker for the event, is a brilliant Animal Communicator and helped us learn the basics of communicating with animals. Communicating with animals is bound to bring a change within the attendees of the seminar because animals are very sentient beings. Just like us humans, they crave affection and want to be understood.

Many attendees shared their lovely memories about animals, be it their pets or strays whom they adored. It was heartwarming to hear so many beautiful experiences.

After clearing doubts of attendees, Mrs. Akshaya Kawle ma’am thanked all the attendees for their patient listening and also congratulated the team of RCTCET and RC ABACL for successful completion of this webinar.

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