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The Rotaract Academy 2-“Back to School - Vedic Maths '' was a really fun activity that taught us to do Mathematics without using a calculator, Basically Vedic Maths which was amazing. This activity was conducted by Professional Development Avenue.

After greetings offered by Rtr. Adityavikram Pandey the session was handed over to Ms. Astha Grover Ma'am ,The Mathematician of the Day. The session had a great start as in included some history of Vedidic Maths which captivated the minds of the entire audience.

The further session included some really fun and interesting tricks to solve lengthy Mathematics in just fraction of seconds. It comprised of the quickest and easiest ways of addition and subtraction , A which could be used for 4 digits numbers or more.

After this fun learning hour there was a doubt session where all the tiny knots in the mind regarding these tricks were resolved . The participants also practiced some examples during the session to get a quick grasp of the topic.

The feedback received by the participants was positive. All the attendees were overwhelmed after this fruitful session. They were glad that they got the opportunity to meet such a knowledgeable speaker. Each and every attendee thoroughly enjoyed the event.

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