Sweet Tonic- Rtr. Shubham Gawade

I walked into a 7-11 with you and then all of the sudden i ended and starred,

not because a loud and angry guy was screaming at his kids to not touch anything,

but because,

the coffee within the pots were cold and fewer than half full just sitting there on the counter

and nobody was getting to are available and drink it,

it would be left there to take a seat all night getting colder, until someone dumped them and cleaned them out, that's how i used to be before you came along,

I was a chilly *** of coffee left over from that morning that nobody wanted anymore,

you see, you appeared to drink the entire coffee *** before it even had an opportunity to urge cold,

And if it did get cold,

You'd drink it anyway,

You got ecstatic over the thought of getting caffeine in you to wake you up and cause you to lively again

And I love that about you

You are different

You don't care about my non-coffee drinking past

You don't care about the rough grinds that took over me

You don't care if i used to be French pressed or keurig'd out

You still love me

You'd still love me if i used to be skimmed milk

If i used to be a thin fat free latte

You love me now, even when I'm milk

If I became a double chocolaty chip

And I love that about you

Because within the end i noticed paying that extra fifty cents was worthwhile and i am glad I did

Because this is often the simplest cup of coffee I've ever had and that i don't need the other kind,

And I wish i might have tried this sooner and that i want this sense to last forever, because this sense is nothing like I even have ever felt before, it's a bit like the primary time sipping a special quite coffee and unsure how it's going to taste then all of a sudden your taste buds start going crazy and you lose your mind because it's so good,

And you would like the cup of coffee to last forever, and it'll ,

Because you'll keep going back to your most favorite and amazing cup of coffee for each day that you simply live

I love you a latte

And you recognize i espresso tons of feelings towards you

You're my 4 packs of sugar

My hazelnut and French vanilla creamer

You're the very first thing i feel of once I awaken and what keeps me up in the dark ,

You and my coffee

Us and our coffee,

Surprising one another at work with a 16 oz coffee in our hands with a dumb smile on our faces

You are the rationale i'm happy

You are the rationale i really like coffee such a lot

You are the rationale I awaken

You're the reason I ask if you would like coffee

And the baristas at our college have an odd look on there face once I order not one but two cups of coffee and that they can not help but wonder if there's someone they do not realize

And there's

It's you

And you're mine


Rtr. Shubham Gawade


Rotaract Club of TCET

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