“One key ingredient to successful technology integration is not forgetting the fun.”

- Mark Barnes.

The idea of fun in learning can be a hard one to grasp. Yet, at heart, we all know that learning is fun, or atleast, it should be. Fun has a positive effect on motivation levels, if the experience is fun, learners will stay curious and keep coming back for more. If learning isn’t fun, it won’t be effective. Many studies highlight the positive effects of playing games, and not only for children but also for adults. Thus, to play a game is and must be linked to a man’s existence.

So, we at RCTCET conducted a shiksha activity- ‘Tech and Fun’ on 17th of October, 2021. The activity was conducted by Rtr. Shivam Dubey and Rtr. Yash Lad. The objective of his activity was to teach the basics of kineMaster and relevant basic skills to the children in a fun way.

KineMaster is a mobile application specifically designed to help Android and iOS users modify videos from ordinary videos to more interesting videos. KineMaster itself was launched by a large company called NexStreaming, headquartered in Seoul, Korea. The children were taught how to change zoom backgrounds and create GIFs using kineMaster in a fun and interacting way.

The other part of the session included educational games like quiz and memory games, in which the children actively took part. Educational games are a great way for skill building without feeling the pressure of studying. At the end of the session, a small dance was performed to make the session more interesting and memorable for the children.

Through this initiative, the club’s aim was to teach the children, the basics of today’s technology in a way that they had fun and enjoyed the activity. The children learned new things and were overwhelmed when the volunteers taught them the basics of video editing software. We, at RCTCET aim to conduct such helpful and insightful activities in the future as well for the all round development of students.

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