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Yearning Written Into Life - Rtr. Smriti Singh

In the abyss of the night My subconscious mind

She meets me in places I cannot find

During my waking hours all she does is hide

In my dreaming spells she will not leave my side.

She cannot be real

She may not know how I feel

But for her with a ring I'll kneel

For her with Satan I'll make a deal

Seeing she's the summation of my love's ideal.

She exists not in this cruel cold crushing

reality, Not as far as I know so to speak.

Yet, even her imaginative existence

Gives me the much needed subsistence.

I will get through this mess I made

I will secure for me a life inlaid with Jade

I will not for anything trade

Her substance, her wonder, her virtual aid.

She gives me hope

Probably a phantasm a mirage to help cope.

I'll take what I get

For with it I sure am content.


Rtr. Smriti Singh


Rotaract Club of TCET

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