Your guilty killer-A letter to Mother Nature ~Rtr. Anuja Somthankar

Dear Mother Nature,

Today I write to you as your murderer. The paper I write upon is you. The pen I write with is you. I carve your skin with your tools and I can hear you cry but all I can say is: “I’m sorry.”

I’m sorry Mother, I have sinned, I have hurt. I have choked you with plastic and toxic gases. Your tears satisfy our thirst while our needs burn you. I know my species don’t care about you. Our selfish and gluttonous ways are bleeding every child of yours.

These apologies are utterly useless. They won’t bring back Sudan - the last male northern white rhino, all for their magnificent horns, or the Indian Cheetah - extinct due to desertification, or Xiang Xiang – the last female Yangtze giant softshell turtle, all lost due to loss of habitat.

These apologies are in vain mother, it is true. I hold no power to bring about meaningful change. Greta Thunberg is trying and people – or should I call them monsters? – are telling her to ‘go back to school.’ When the world’s strongest political powers refuse to even believe in climate change when scientists have predicted that we will have caused irreparable damage to you in 7 years, is there any hope Mother?

The world has made me a pessimistic person. But it hasn’t broken my will yet. I refuse to give up on you. I cannot afford to. The despair is palpable and my generation feels the hopelessness but we still endeavor to do our best, to save you.

Dear Mother Nature, my sweet, forgiving and selfless mother, I am sorry. Thank you for letting us live as we destroy you every day. I promise you, some of us are trying.

Your guilty killer,

Anuja Somthankar.


Rtr. Anuja Somthankar

Chairwoman HRD,

Rotaract Club of TCET

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