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Uplift by uplifting others. This project was a great initiative taken by RCTCET to help people who were in distress due to the recent monsoon floods by donating food and daily necessities.

For this to be a success they needed people to support them and help the needy, so they conducted various collection drives. Luckily people were very much eager to help and came voluntarily to donate clothes, food,medical & sanitary items, money, etc. The total things collected were 101 units of soap, 15 units of toothpaste, 13 units of toothbrushes, 24.5 kg Dal, 102.5kg of rice, 46.5kg of Wheat Flour, 31 Full bags of clothes, and 12,000/- cash.The collected items were then distributed to old age homes and Sansthan namely, Radika Old age home, Guru Krupa Sansthan, Vishal Parulekar’s Orphan Home.

Our volunteers did a number of visits to those old age homes and Sansthan and distributed all that they had collected.After all this work that our volunteers did they had an internal sense of satisfaction as they gave their sweat and blood for this project by fulfilling the needs of more than 150+ lives in a very critical condition of COVID. There were many happy faces and those were the faces that mattered to them the most. That’s the only cause they needed to strive for and also it made them a better person. This in turn helped our Club too, because when the members of our club have a good sense of humanity, it helps the club to do more good for others.

All in all, this project was a huge success as a good number of members participated by donating goods and money. The members also enthusiastically participated in this drive and a bond of friendship and trust was built with all those helpless people with the volunteers and also amongst the volunteers.

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